Monday, August 27, 2012

Heave Ho Grunt

I put Nicholas down for the night in the pack and play, and went about working (always with the work, let me tell you).  I heard him grunting and groaning, which is a regular occurrence as he is settling for the night, and grunting, and GRUNTING.  Then all was silent.  Hmmm.  I finally moved the laptop to the side and my baby who was sleeping on his tummy (yes, I'm that asshole) was happily laying on his back sucking his hand.  I'm still a little in shock, it seems far too early for my Tiny Human to be able to flip himself over, but alas, it is so. 

As for work I think I'm killing myself.  I spent all day Saturday rebuilding the engine in my won't run, money sucking, pain in the ass van (which I'm already partially in love with and will love even more when it's, you know, RUNNING).  Yes.  I worked on a car.  And got dirty.  Till almost midnight.  Yesterday was spent cleaning the house from top to bottom, then doing bookkeeping work until daylight was on the horizon.  Then back to work today, finally finishing now.  Maybe tomorrow night I'll take the evening off and snuggle my tiny human while doing absolutely nothing.  Gotta remember to snuggle and love him while I can, it won't be long before it's "down" and "go"...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

11 Weeks

As of today, this Tiny Human has (mostly) stopped kicking my bladder for 11 weeks.  I can't believe that time has flown by so quickly.  I had the full intentions of (re)starting this blog when Nicholas was born... at least he's still in diapers I suppose.

So far he holds his head up pretty well, poops with gusto, loves boobs and burps like a frat boy.  This mama couldn't be prouder.  We're already in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes.  If he doesn't stop growing soon he'll be bigger then me by 28 weeks. 

I've finally decided to start putting him in clothes other then his sleepers.  He's started to notice the wiggly things at the end of his body and, even though I love the sleepers, I figure he needs to know they're feet and not just cartoon dinosaurs/puppies/bears.  Amazingly enough, his feet already smell like feet. I'm not impressed. 

He generally only "wakes up" once a night to eat, in actuality, he's really still asleep, just noshing at the boob.  We co-sleep (shut up) so at least it makes feeding far easier, and it comes with the bonus of baby snuggles all night long. 

So, now you're kinda caught up.  More later!